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Who are Azeris? Posted by Iranian on August 16, 2006, 8:11 pm, in reply to "Re: tell us what is wrong? - Oslonor"

Azeri is a new name that Russians gave this nation they stole from us they are Arranis and yes they are Iranian from the Iranian tribes and they have nothing to do with Turks even though the language was forced on all of us just like Arabic majority of Iranians never changed. Kurds are Iranian speak an Indo-Iranian language.

Every region has a different look and looks has nothing to do with it, being Caucasian or Aryan has to do with bone structure, look at India big mixture with Dravidians that lived in India before Iranians but they all have the same bone structure and every where you read you will see they are Caucasian even though they mostly look 50 shades darker than Iranians.
What language Azeri speaks Turkish? Hell even the courts to this day and Turkish courts spoke Farsi, Azeri have no language other than Farsi and Turkish. You are very confused about Azeri language no Turks lived in this region until after the Arab conquest.

First of all no such thing as Azeri Turk. Now why would we have Azeri Turk in Afghanistan you are way off? Afghanistan and its people are of the original Ironic people that settled this area, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan all that you see that ends with “Istan” was part of Iran and its people they are all Caucasian or Aryan people.

Turks are a form of Mongol however because they lived north of the Mongol tribes for hundreds of years and battling the people lived in Russia they had tremendous mixing between them, that is why it was much easier for Arabs to accept the Turks as slaves rather than Mongols which everyone hated they were able to mix easier with the population but they still have some Mongol attributes and bone structure depending on the person and how much the family’s intermixed.
Kazaks are perfect example of the Turks that moved completely into Russia and lived amongst the Russians but still you could see the difference of the Mongol look, but again not enough of them and as a minority moving into territories taking wives changed their disgusting Mongoloid look. Mongols and Turks are of the same race but Mongols and Manchurians and Chinese had more intermixing, and Turks mixed more with Russians.

You really need to do some soul searching, Azeri have nothing to do with Turks, never did never will. They are of Caucasian back ground they are part of Iranian people always were and have been. How do you come up with this information that Azeri are Turks no Turks lived in this area from Cyrus the great until the Arab invasion.
Turkey and its people are not Turks minority of the people lived in Turkey are Turks and you see little or no Turks left in this nation, the population are Macedonians, Romans, Greeks and Persians and this is for thousands of years before Tartar sag arrival.

It is all about history, if history does not apply then what does.

You are a Turk that is all and just like alpo you will not accept the truth and Iran and all its people in the region are Iranian and you dont like it and trust me we will get the Azeri people to see whom they are and change this disgusting Turkish language with its true Farsi language, dont hate the player hate the game.

You are lost, find your way back.

Posted by Iranian on August 16, 2006, 8:11 pm, in reply to "Re: tell us what is wrong? - Oslonor"