Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who are Aryans?

Here is a very short description that I found on Wikipedia. It actually sums up the whole thing pretty well.

Since ancient times, Persians have used the term Aryan as a racial designation in an ethnic sense to describe their lineage and their language, and this tradition has continued into the present day amongst modern Persians (Iranians) (Encyclopedia Iranica, p. 681, Arya). In fact, the name Iran is a cognate of Aryan and means "Land of the Aryans."

Darius the Great, King of Persia (521–486 BC), in an inscription in Naqsh-e Rustam (near Shiraz in present-day Iran), proclaims: "I am Darius the great King… A Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage...". He also calls his language the "Aryan language," commonly known today as Old Persian. According to the Encyclopedia Iranica, "the same ethnic concept was held in the later centuries" and was associated with "nobility and lordship." (p. 681)

Light Skin "Iranians"

Oslonor you are full crap. You have such an ugly agenda and I wonder where the hell it comes from.
I'm getting sick and tired from you threads and posts that keep polluting our forum.
WTF is wrong with you man, seriously?

Don't you have nothing better to do than spending all your time posting this kind of sh!t? I wonder what you get out of all this? Googling for pictures of "lighter" Iranians and posting them in forums like this to serve your propoganda is pathetic. You have absolutely no proof that the pictures you are posting are of actual persians. They could be of any other ethnic group. The point is; You have no proof. You just keep talking out of your ass.

Yes there are some "lighter" Iranians that could very well be taken for germans or in some cases even nordic, BUT anyones who have actually been to Iran know that the vast majority of Iranians are not light compared to europeans. We have moslty olive toned skin colour.

Now some started a thread while back suggesting not to reply to you, which I thought was a good idea, and I would never ever waste my time on you, but since non-Iranians read this forum they could get a false image of Iranians just by reading you stupid posts...and you are not even Iranian, go figure!

Someone please ban this guy. He hasn't violated any rules, but maybe you should set up new ones just to get rid of him. Clearly he has no intentions to discuss. He only wants to spread propaganda. He is by far the most tragic poster ever, I must say, either that or he is getting paid to do this. I for one can't find any other logic.

Oslonor Comments

The text from Wikepedia is about ancient Persia history. It has nothing to do with the meaning of Aryan in anthropology today.

Cyrus the Great was not an anthropologist. All he was saying that his people are noble people. That is what he means by Aryan.

Aryan in anthropology today means that there is a common origin between Persians, Pashtoons and Nordics. This has been proved correct in physical anthropology.

Also Azeri Turks should stop fooling themselves that because Iran means land of Aryans, then they are related to Persians. They are related to Turks.

May Ask you what you mean Germans are not Aryans? What does aryan mean? What did Cyrus the Great mean when he said Aryans? I do not think you understand what you are talking about. Only "Iranians are Aryans". What does that supposed to mean?!!!! What is Aryan??????

What do you mean by light skin "Iranians"??? Is "Iranian" some kind of race and I show only the light skin ones!!!!! There are no "Iranians" as a race. Iranian means the citizens of Iran and has nothing to do with any race!!!! Iran is a multi ethnic country.

You say there is no proof how Persians look like. You are supposed to be from Iran and you do not know how Persians look like? How confused are people in Tehran? The only reason that people can be so confused is the regime's propoganda that tries to confuse people about different ethnicities in Iran.

Ossetians are basically turks and georgians who have adopted an Eastern Iranian language. I have a blog on this. Croats are related to Albanians, and Turks. Many of them look like Azeri Turks. About 20% are slavs. I have a discussion thread on this too. Alans and Aryans are separated by 2000 years. I am talking about Aryan migration that relates Persians to Germans and not about Alans. The natives of Iran are not mixed with Turks or Arabs. Arabs have gene marker EU10. The natives of Iran do not have this gene marker. Anybody who has black hair in Iran is not mixed with Turks if you think so. Azeri Turks live in Western Iran. They are not even mixed with Kurds who are their neighbors.