Monday, January 15, 2007

Tehrani Azeri Views on Azeris in Azerbaijan

"Dr. Chehregani's campaign focused on issues of cultural discrimination. He expressed concern that Azeri language and culture was in danger of vanishing. He demanded recognition for Azeris as Iranians, not Persians, and called for the teaching of the Azeri language instead of Arabic as a second language in schools in Azeri areas[5], as guaranteed under Article 15 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which permits the use of regional languages in the media and in schools when used in addition to Persian."

But yes I do distinguish between ethnicity and nationality. This is what is denied by people from the rep. Azerbaijan so much. It is offensive for me to read time by time that Azeris and Fars are of two different nationalities. They are of two different ethnicities but are both Iranian.

As for you being Azeri. Well History proves otherwise with regard to Transcaucasia. I am not trying to rediscuss this issue. But me as an Iranian have known Iranian Azeris and I can not associate them in anyway with you. You and most of the panturkist/ Panislamist/ wahabists from the rep. azerbaijan are full of hatred and racism, and you cannot talk some simple facts with them about culture, history and litterature.

As per the "Aryanism" frequently touted on this forum, this is a non-issue in Iran, and as Babak has said, the "Persians" (whom many of this forum irrationally choose to despise) do not carry a high proportion of U5 gene clusters, unlike Iranian Azeris, northern Iranians, Kurds and Lurs. I myself have Ossetian roots in Azeri origins and my mother is Mazandarani - their genetic profile is very similar to Georgians.

There are a lot of misinformed people out there, including Iranians, and hopefully this can clear things up, about who is Aryan and who is not.

Europeans are not Aryans. The Germans are the not Aryans.

The only Aryans are the Iranian peoples, the Indo-Iranian peoples, and the Indo-Aryans.

Hitler's "Germans are Aryans" theory was based on the yet unproven link between Scythians and Saxons.

Hitler believed that the Saxons were the descendent's of the Scythian tribe that settled in Germany.

This is incorrect.

Oslonor: It is not clear what do you mean by "Iranian". Iranian is not an ethnicity. It is simply the citizens of Iran. Kurd, Azeri, Persian, Baloch, Lor etc are ethnicities. There is no Iranian ethnicity in Iran.