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Anonymous on your post "Iranians and African Americans":

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This comment is for the person who wrote the article on Mr. Tehran and the agenda behind having him on satellite television.

I am an Iranian American of 25 years of age living in diasphora since a very young age and have had numerous encounters with a variety of peoples and more so, a numerous class of Iranians and have reached some interesting conclusions.

First of all, I would like to clarify that despite all of the assertions made by Iranian nationalists that Iranians are the direct descendents of the noble Aryan race that consisted of fair skinned, tall, blue eyed peoples, I beg to differ on this point upon being a visitor to Iran for six months in just the city of Tehran itself. Secondly, I would like to make it clear that there is no standard way for anyone to behave "Persian" versus "African American" or "American" or "Arab" or otherwise.

Aside from whatever agenda Hollywood has for us, and I will not get into that because I personally have nothing to do with Hollywood here, but prefer to address the individual Iranians who read this comment,when are we, Iranians, going to accept the fact that we are not a pure race of people and we are in fact a mixture of neighboring groups, sure we do have our Indo European ancestry which is evident among our fair skinned, light haired, and blue/green eyed peoples, but we also have a mixture of medium olive, brownish, and other skin tones and hair types. Quite evidently, we have people in our country who have African ancestry towards the south who are just as much a part of our well respected population as the fair skinned blue eyed people in our country. Iranian is no longer a race if one simply takes it as just a nationality. Most of Iran no longer consists of pure Persians and interestingly, the fair skinned, light eyed Kurds and Azaris are not considered Persians. Those who are considered Persian or Fars in Iran are mainly olive skinned to light skinned peoples with dark hair and brown eyes. So, why bring up the issue of race so much in explaining who Iranians are, especially in today's world. It is no better than doing what Holly wood is trying to do.

Secondly, as I said there is no uniform way to act Persian or like you are Iranian. Forgive me, sir, but Mr. Tehran speaks Farsi impressively well, aside from his African American mannerisms and I was quite impressed to see his range of vocabulary and his honesty, sincerity, and willingness to engage Iranians, young and old, into serious discussions in a diplomatic and respectful manner which is more than I can say for the older generation of Iranians who yell at each other when the question of who is pro-Shah and who is pro-the current government arises on other channels on satellite. Compared to many young Iranians, Mr. Tehran's Farsi is impressively good and for you to say that they simply taught him a few words in Farsi is seriously an underestimation of what it takes to learn a new language. Clearly, he knows more Farsi than some of your closest relatives who have grown up abroad. Furthermore, if you think that Iranians necessarily have a more appropriate and dignified manner of speaking and communicating, I am afraid to say that you are not acquianted with every segment of Iran's population. In Tehran, simply, you have the well-known "laats" who engage in foul language and chase girls on the streets and have very crude mannerisms and of course are known for luring girls into prostitution and drug abuse in Iran today. Clearly, we do not need African Americans, Arabs, or Americans to bring us down. We bring each other down more than anyone else does and sadly, we always blame it on people who have nothing to do with us. It is sad to see a nation of people who are always in denial of the sad fact that their womenfolk are not perfect creatures by nature and are the ones responsible for their own problems. What have African Americans, Arabs, or Americans to gain from "bringing us down?" and do they need us to bring themselves up???? Do you really think that they see themselves in the same light that you see them???? You are very ethnocentric sir and your racist rhetoric is the kind that shames me. Instead of bragging about how the original Iranians looked before they were attacked by Arabs and Mongols and such, we better come up with better reasons as to why we are a better group of people because right now, I see almost no respect on the part of Iranians for themselves or for each other. All I see is rivalry, jealousy, callousness, rudeness, and deceitfulness. VAghean liaghatemon bishtar az in nist agar enghadr pastim.

Also, you bring up the issue of how foreigners have an agenda for Iranians in the eyes of the public. Why don't Iranians get themselves involved in the media to erode the distortion.

With respect to African American men wanting to bring Iranian girls down to a debase level, all I have to say is look at Iranian girls in Iran who are on an even more debase level. Since satellite and internet made it into Iran, so much of Tehran's female population began impersonating the looks, appearances, and mannerisms of pop stars like Brittany Spears and singers like Jennifer Lopez. How fast did they forget that they are the descendents of a noble, dignified Aryan race and that they are supposed to be virtuous, drug free, and gentle. If they are being lured into drugs and criminal and other undignified behaviour abroad, then it is of their own choosing. Sadly, I wish that the new generation of Iranian ladies would collectively use their new freedoms to become better, more accomplished people, but they bastardize their freedoms in large numbers. Its quite disheartening. They have nothing to look up to either and all you see in Iranian TV are Iranian music videos like Shahram K and other pop singers who feature females, Iranian and non Iranian, dancing seductively and showing no signs of virtue.


Oslonor Comments:
I Just make a few points. Under Saffavids in 15 century many persians were murdered and replaced by Azeri Turrks. That is true both in Isfahan and Shiraz. So the city or language does not determine the ethnicity. Or in other words anybody who comes from Shiraz is not Persian. Secondly Persians are not restriced to one province. That is Pars or Fars province in South West. Persians live both in South West Iran and in Khorasan. Persians do not live in North West as Azeri Turks claim they have Persian ancestors. Secondly why Azeri Turks constantly associate themselves with Kurds when Kurds have nothing to do with Azeri Turks. Thirdly if you have any pictures of blond and blue eyes Azeri Turks, we like to see them. Fourthly Persians have never claimed they look like scandinavians as you claim here.

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Tehrani Azeri Views on Azeris in Azerbaijan

"Dr. Chehregani's campaign focused on issues of cultural discrimination. He expressed concern that Azeri language and culture was in danger of vanishing. He demanded recognition for Azeris as Iranians, not Persians, and called for the teaching of the Azeri language instead of Arabic as a second language in schools in Azeri areas[5], as guaranteed under Article 15 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which permits the use of regional languages in the media and in schools when used in addition to Persian."

But yes I do distinguish between ethnicity and nationality. This is what is denied by people from the rep. Azerbaijan so much. It is offensive for me to read time by time that Azeris and Fars are of two different nationalities. They are of two different ethnicities but are both Iranian.

As for you being Azeri. Well History proves otherwise with regard to Transcaucasia. I am not trying to rediscuss this issue. But me as an Iranian have known Iranian Azeris and I can not associate them in anyway with you. You and most of the panturkist/ Panislamist/ wahabists from the rep. azerbaijan are full of hatred and racism, and you cannot talk some simple facts with them about culture, history and litterature.

As per the "Aryanism" frequently touted on this forum, this is a non-issue in Iran, and as Babak has said, the "Persians" (whom many of this forum irrationally choose to despise) do not carry a high proportion of U5 gene clusters, unlike Iranian Azeris, northern Iranians, Kurds and Lurs. I myself have Ossetian roots in Azeri origins and my mother is Mazandarani - their genetic profile is very similar to Georgians.

There are a lot of misinformed people out there, including Iranians, and hopefully this can clear things up, about who is Aryan and who is not.

Europeans are not Aryans. The Germans are the not Aryans.

The only Aryans are the Iranian peoples, the Indo-Iranian peoples, and the Indo-Aryans.

Hitler's "Germans are Aryans" theory was based on the yet unproven link between Scythians and Saxons.

Hitler believed that the Saxons were the descendent's of the Scythian tribe that settled in Germany.

This is incorrect.

Oslonor: It is not clear what do you mean by "Iranian". Iranian is not an ethnicity. It is simply the citizens of Iran. Kurd, Azeri, Persian, Baloch, Lor etc are ethnicities. There is no Iranian ethnicity in Iran.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Are Azeris Aryans?

Iranian Azeri:
Remember Turkic peoples are non-turks who speak or adopted Turkish language and are not ethnically Turks.

Anatolian Turk from Turkey:
You drive me crazy with such nonsens!!
Böyle piçleri hala ne konusturuyon burda seko??!!

Let me say something to you, you will never ever gonna be an ayran or aryan because "AZERI's ARENT ARYANS"

Iranians and Hooked Noses

Azerist No.1:
the irano-afghan race does have humped or hooked noses just look at all the thousands of stonecarvings in persepolis (some of them not representing iranian though) but all the iranian ones have hooked noses I was in iran just recently I saw most persians had it, its actually a beutiful thing what it tells you, it tells you that you have not been mixed, besides I rather have a hooked nose than an upright piglooking nose like some "nords"(sorry to alll the nords no personal offense) the europeans with those noses most likely have iranian ancestors, since "white" europeans dont have the hooked nose rather its more upright Hooked noses are not only with iranians or with those who have a trace of iranian lineage. the europeans with those noses most likely have iranian ancestors, since "white" europeans dont have the hooked nose rather its more upright

Azerist No. 2:
Many Iranians, as well as many Europeans with distant Iranic roots have HUMPED noses. not to be coinfused with hooked noses Other Whites such as Amazigh may also have this trait. You will see many people in Campania ,in Italy the land of my ancestors who because of thois trait might look equally at home in the Zagros or High Atlas. You will see many others with the classicMed triangular Grecian nose, which many Nordics have too, though it tends to be slightly longer at times in Nords. But hooked noses occurr in both groups too Its important not to focus on one single racial trait, with the possible exception of hair texture which seems the most reliable indicator of race of all.

Azerist No.3:
An Irano-Afghan trait. That is, it is more common among Irano-Afghans than other Caucasoid subgroups. That doesn't mean that all or even a majority of Irano-Afghans have this kind of nose, it simply means it's more common in our subgroup than in the other subgroups. I personally haven't seen many Iranians with hooked noses, but I have seen more Iranians with them than I have seen Scandinavians.

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Who are Aryans?

Here is a very short description that I found on Wikipedia. It actually sums up the whole thing pretty well.

Since ancient times, Persians have used the term Aryan as a racial designation in an ethnic sense to describe their lineage and their language, and this tradition has continued into the present day amongst modern Persians (Iranians) (Encyclopedia Iranica, p. 681, Arya). In fact, the name Iran is a cognate of Aryan and means "Land of the Aryans."

Darius the Great, King of Persia (521–486 BC), in an inscription in Naqsh-e Rustam (near Shiraz in present-day Iran), proclaims: "I am Darius the great King… A Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage...". He also calls his language the "Aryan language," commonly known today as Old Persian. According to the Encyclopedia Iranica, "the same ethnic concept was held in the later centuries" and was associated with "nobility and lordship." (p. 681)

Light Skin "Iranians"

Oslonor you are full crap. You have such an ugly agenda and I wonder where the hell it comes from.
I'm getting sick and tired from you threads and posts that keep polluting our forum.
WTF is wrong with you man, seriously?

Don't you have nothing better to do than spending all your time posting this kind of sh!t? I wonder what you get out of all this? Googling for pictures of "lighter" Iranians and posting them in forums like this to serve your propoganda is pathetic. You have absolutely no proof that the pictures you are posting are of actual persians. They could be of any other ethnic group. The point is; You have no proof. You just keep talking out of your ass.

Yes there are some "lighter" Iranians that could very well be taken for germans or in some cases even nordic, BUT anyones who have actually been to Iran know that the vast majority of Iranians are not light compared to europeans. We have moslty olive toned skin colour.

Now some started a thread while back suggesting not to reply to you, which I thought was a good idea, and I would never ever waste my time on you, but since non-Iranians read this forum they could get a false image of Iranians just by reading you stupid posts...and you are not even Iranian, go figure!

Someone please ban this guy. He hasn't violated any rules, but maybe you should set up new ones just to get rid of him. Clearly he has no intentions to discuss. He only wants to spread propaganda. He is by far the most tragic poster ever, I must say, either that or he is getting paid to do this. I for one can't find any other logic.

Oslonor Comments

The text from Wikepedia is about ancient Persia history. It has nothing to do with the meaning of Aryan in anthropology today.

Cyrus the Great was not an anthropologist. All he was saying that his people are noble people. That is what he means by Aryan.

Aryan in anthropology today means that there is a common origin between Persians, Pashtoons and Nordics. This has been proved correct in physical anthropology.

Also Azeri Turks should stop fooling themselves that because Iran means land of Aryans, then they are related to Persians. They are related to Turks.

May Ask you what you mean Germans are not Aryans? What does aryan mean? What did Cyrus the Great mean when he said Aryans? I do not think you understand what you are talking about. Only "Iranians are Aryans". What does that supposed to mean?!!!! What is Aryan??????

What do you mean by light skin "Iranians"??? Is "Iranian" some kind of race and I show only the light skin ones!!!!! There are no "Iranians" as a race. Iranian means the citizens of Iran and has nothing to do with any race!!!! Iran is a multi ethnic country.

You say there is no proof how Persians look like. You are supposed to be from Iran and you do not know how Persians look like? How confused are people in Tehran? The only reason that people can be so confused is the regime's propoganda that tries to confuse people about different ethnicities in Iran.

Ossetians are basically turks and georgians who have adopted an Eastern Iranian language. I have a blog on this. Croats are related to Albanians, and Turks. Many of them look like Azeri Turks. About 20% are slavs. I have a discussion thread on this too. Alans and Aryans are separated by 2000 years. I am talking about Aryan migration that relates Persians to Germans and not about Alans. The natives of Iran are not mixed with Turks or Arabs. Arabs have gene marker EU10. The natives of Iran do not have this gene marker. Anybody who has black hair in Iran is not mixed with Turks if you think so. Azeri Turks live in Western Iran. They are not even mixed with Kurds who are their neighbors.

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Rafel from Sweden

Could someone please explain what defines a "persian"?

I live in Sweden and there are many iranian immigrants here. I am aware of the fact that Iran is a multi-ethnical country and that only around 50% of all iranians are classified as "persians".

Anyway, 9 out of 10 iranians in Sweden have clearly arabid/armenid, almost jewish features (they look in general more like stereotype jews than what most modern israelis do) and very dark skin or greyish/pale yellow skin with extreme body hair. They also have a stronger and more musky body smell than for example northern african arabs.

1 out of 10 iranians in Sweden look more like whiter mediterranean people, such as greeks. They seem to be of mixed race but I don't know where the obvious european features come from.

If you look at history, it was obvious that Alexander the Great considered persians as the racial and cultural opposite of the macedonian greek culture. He even called for arranged mass marriages between persian women and greek men in an attempt to create a unified western, greek race from west to east in his vast empire.

If you ask me, persian culture, from what I've seen is not very "indo-european" or "western" either, except from the language. This is very clear if you look at history as well. The way the greeks waged war and built their civilization differs from the persians, quite a lot, and was one reason the persians never managed to concquer Europe.

So, what IS a persian? Is it a white "aryan" person from long before the dawn of civilization or is it an oriental people with an indo-european language?

I don't see the relation between persians and westerners at all.
The Ideology of an Azeri Turk "Aryan"
I have copied this from another forum where an Azeri Turk discusses his ideology:

Posted by Azeri Turk:
Here i have alot of questions and you must answer to all of them

please answer carefully:

1 - What is ethnic cleanse?
2 - How can i cleanse my blood?
1 - Why i must cleanse my blood?
2 - Is brown eyes and hairs a non-white influence that mixed with my blood?
3 - It is true that pure Aryan must have blue eyes and blond hairs?
If yes then, what i must to do for having taller grandchildren with blue eyes
and blond hairs?
please read and answer carefully. these questions is very important for me. they annoyanced my mind for about 10 years

my father was 170cc and my mother is 157cc. but i'm 184 and my bro is 190 (he is 3 years younger than me! but he is taller than me. i think because he is goal keeper) this shows we have genetical potential to having BIG Aryan sons.

my momma said that she is short cause malnutrition in adolescence.
but hopefully malnutrition can't change genes. and we are taller than those ****ing semi caucasians in Iran who call themselves Persian

1- who said i have semite mixture? i just asked that dark eyes and hairs is a non-white talent and you said NO!!! so i haven't semite talent.

who said i want marry with that German girl? i only asked a question about her. i haven,t a chat with her yet. if she become online i would ask her net2net (looooool-about Christ's Sake). i haven't good financial situation for immigration to germany or overhand. so i must marry an Iranian case.

i founded a good Iranian Nordic case with dark blonde hair and aqua eyes. but she is a fool. she is from a rich family. she would never marry with me until i found a good job with a high income.

But if you want children like that, marry a blonde woman, and pray to... a higher force, your children will be like her.

ok. i will go to Iranic plains for hunting a Nordic Nomad girl with that characteristic (I'm sure her bros will beat me for greeting )
because all Nordic types in Tehran occupied by rich mullah's sons
Hello dear Osloner!

I have managed to read your article about Aryans. It is quite interesting. I am doing research myself. Although there is much I can tell u about and discuss over time. I am trying to find out what percentage of each ethnic category I carry in my blood. Although I am from Iran,My mother's side of family have red/blonde hair and my dad's side are from north east of Iran close to Afghanistan and look more Parthian. What is a good way to know from my facial features how much Aryan I might be? Also I was curious about your conception of fake Persian. You have placed some photos online One of the photos is the mosaic of issues. Although by all accounts, the experts believe that the mosaic is a faithful copy of a 3rd century BC painting. The faces probably are authentic I have seen many phenotypes in Iran matching the faces in the mosaic. Probably the original Persians had already mixed with the local population of Iran after migration. some of the soldiers have Caucasian features, so probably one of their ancestors was Aryan or so. Or well maybe that the original Persians did look like the ones in the painting and never truly had light hair. One of my professors from Norway mentioned to me that blond hair originated from north of Europe. All these ideas are confusing. Also I am concerned many of people who we might think are Aryans might be descendents of british or Russian soldiers during occupation of Iran. The reconstruction of Xerxes face shows he looks just like Iranians today. Although there is strong conflicting report among Iranians that original Achamanid dynasty did have Nordic features. Please let me know your opinion about these thoughts so I can improve upon this. By the way I live in Los Angeles too.

Great coincidence that all historical figures look like Azeri Turks of today. I am not sure who is producing these "historical documents"????!!!! Of course Azeri Turks are called "Iranians".

James from London England UK

Dear Oslonor,

I am writing to say thank you for your amazing website about persians and hollywood, I have found it very fasinating indeed, You have opened my eyes completely about the many races in Iran and that Persians are a unique race, although I have read much on your website I still have have many questions, I am still a bit confused about some races eg I still am unsure between the difference of Aryans and anglo-Saxon I had thought they were of the same race, please could you clarify with me, I know you have written so much on your website but please forgive my stupidity I am still a bit confused. I by the way have fair hair (was blonde when younger but now dark blonde) and blue eyes.and my decendants on my Fathers side come from Scotland, my mother has Olive Skin but has no hooked nose, in fact she looks a lot like persian the way you have described!, Please, I hope you can clarify the Aryan/Saxon question.

Thank you very much for your time and may God Bless you for your work.

James from London England UK

Aryans are mostly Scandinavians and Nordic Germans in addition to Persians and Afghans. These people are not mixed with the natives and have remained the same since Aryan migration. Anglo-Saxons are mixed with natives.

Posted by Anonymous to Persians and Hollywood at 2:07 AM

Oslonor, your racist anti-Azeri shenanagan has gotten too far. "Persians are native, and Azeris came from nowhere" "Persians are naturally pretty, and Azeris are the ugly ones" "Persians strive for Westernization, and backward-ass Azeris won't let them"... Don't you think you went a little too extreme? You know, the fact that you have a Persian wife doesn't excuse you for badmouthing other ethnicities. First of all, it's not "Azeri Turks" but simply Azeris. They call them "Tork" in Iran merely to distinguish them from other Iranians pointing out their non-Iranic language. Secondly, Azeris didn't "arrive" to Iran in the 15th century. Those who arrived were the Seljuks, and they came in the 11th century, established a state, imposed their language and later dissolved in the local population creating Azeris. Whether you like it or not, it has been proven that Azeris carry genetic elements mostly from indigenous peoples of the region. And don't try to push your "Azeris are a bunch of Turks who have played no role in the history of Iran" next time you're in Iran - they'll rip you apart... Persians that is. As for the support of the regime, learn some history: an Azeri by the name of Sattarkhan fought to turn Iran into a constitutional monarchy in 1905. And another one by the name of Roshdiyeh first came up with the idea of European-style curriculum for Iranian schools in the 40s... I could go on, but I'm afraid to give your racist ass a heart attack.
Posted by Anonymous to Persians and Hollywood at 2:07 AM

Oslonor Comments:
We state that Azeri Turks did not play any role in the Persian Empire. That is 500 BC. Azeri Turks migrated to Iran since 11 century but the main movements were in 15 century AD. We consider Azeri Turks as bakward tribal elements and we support the independence of Azerbaijan. We think it is best Azeri Turks separate from the natives of Iran. The process of formation of Azeri Turk nation is a historical process and we think it is very positive. Only some dishonest Azeri Turks in Tehran oppose this because they are benefiting the robbery of oil resources from the natives of Iran. Already today slogans have appeared on the walls stating "Death to Turks" in Iran. So we think it is urgent that this should be done in peaceful way.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Question of Ayrans

Azeri Views

The truth is, is that Pure Race Aryans can be found in modern day Iran.

Infact, 51% of of Iranians and pure raced Persians.

The mixed ones, that barely have any Aryan genes left in their body live around the borders.

But the ones in the center, conservatively kept, are the true Persians for example in Tehran, %90 are true Persians.

No, most do not have blonde hair, blue eyes, but that's not necessarily Aryan, as they still have white, or olive coloured skin, and are not brown.

The Brown Iranians you see are NOT Persian, and are probobly immigrants from other countries, or have other decents.

IF you see a Persian than is darker than another, it just means that the country's climate has effected his bloodline more than another's.

No Persians. All are Iranians.

Kurd, persian, parthian... It dosent exist. We have mongol blood, turk blood etc. Kurds are iranian, persians are farsis and live in a tiny bit of Iran, kurds lived in northen iran, but some way time and history have changed things, now 80% of al persians are diffrent non persian tribes speaking farsi and have persian cultures. Kurds live in my familys bloodline city bojnourd, whole northen khorsassan, north eastern iran is full of kurds. between kurdestan and that part is also kurds speaking persian and today is persian. Persians in kurdestan is now kurds. Its all an illusion, we are moslems but its not our native religion, its all of history. Forget about being kurd or persian, the time of ethnicitys belongs to the past and ignorant. Be proud but dont create a kurdestan from Iran. The next king of Iran can be kurd, the president and goverment can be all kurd but there will be no kurdish state fom Iranian land. Just drop it, be realistic its not the medieval times anymore.

Not persian or kurdish, Iranian, and yes kurds do come from northen Iran. The worlds ethnicities isnt language an culture. Arabs live in the "arabian". Iraqis and egyptians are not at all arabs but speak arabic and therfore are arabs. Kurds and persian speak diffrent languages but it dosent mean anything!

This is a bad map dosent show khorassan, but still the kurds are green, the kurds in Turkmenistan was there before the kurds in iran or Turkey. They immigrated west. to todays kurdestan. I never said all iranians have the same bloodline, but they are the same. Kurds eat persian food, persians eat kurdish food. evereyone in the world thinks they where first and best. The "persian empire" was of 4 languages and capitols. All to unite. But there where so much more but only 4 was enough. Parsi are folk from Pars province, there are thousands of tribes that are called persians today like Yazdi and Espehani. They are not persians but still they are.

Yes Azeris are Aryan! They speak a Turkic language, but they are Iranians historically. Persian speak Farsi which is full of ARabic, IMO up to 50% Arabic. Yet are we 50% Arabs??? No.

It doesn't matter if Kurdish Language is different, and Kurdish dance is different. India is has far more language diversity than Iran, more ethnic/cultural/tradition differences. Yet all consider themselves Indian.

Where is Persian culture?

Azeri Turks can speak Persian language . That is all you know about Persian culture. You speak the Persian language. Otherwise the Persian culture is unkonwn to you. I wonder where did you learn the Persian culture or the "Iranian" culture? In Azerbaijan or in Tehran? No you can not learn the Persian culture there. Those regions have Azeri Turk culture.

No Persians in Iran

yes, the word Persian is used by Iranians only to descibe themselves to foreigners, within Iran theres no such thing as a "Persian" ethnicity, noone calls themselves "Farsi" or "Parsi" but rather Irani, which is the standard term for the main people there. Azeris and Kurds and others are the ethnic minorities, which even within them they cannot be deamed a minority because they are identical and fully assimilated with Iran as a whole. So I dont know whose giving you ur facts but the different ethnicities in Iran arent some sort of Iraq-like different sects, or that Azeris only live in their province and Baluchis only live in theirs or so and so forth like u make it out to be, but its rather a melting pot where everyone lives with eachother and you can go ur whole life in any street in Iran without being asked of ur ethnicity or background.

buddy, i've been to every city and town from bushehr to ardebil and from abadan to mashhad, and ethnic groups almost dont exist. u have the so called "persians" which are basically the Iranians and the so called other minorities which are just as Iranian. during the war in fact it was the kurds taht were going out and dying in the highest numbers. and taht map, yes ive seen it before and ive discussed it before, its very distorted and false, mazandarani is not even an ethnicity, its just a province. and who said 70% of Tehran is azeri? perhaps it never dawned on me taht there were so many Azeris if this is true because they and everyone else is soo assimilated, so if the Azeris are taht much woven into the fabric of society, and practically nothing but a slight turkish accent can distinguish them, then why are they even a minority? they're the same people that happen to also speak another language, just as theres people taht speak Arabic in ahvaz and abadan. so no, those people arent ethnic minorities, when i go to Iran what i consider a minority is the large number of Russians i see in Tehran, or the large number of black Africans that the Portuguese broiught over decades ago in the South. other than that, not so much anyone else.

Posted by an Azeri

"i dont kno what ur motive is behind all of this but Azeris are Iranian people that had a change of language, this is common knowledge in Iran and accepted by all Azeris. They are Iranian peoples, of indo-european or aryan origins and not some tribal turkic people or whatever ur making them out to be"

Swedish Views on Azeri Turk "Aryans"

No matter how indo-european their language are, their culture and their genetics are not. They can call themselves "aryans" or whatever, but to be honest I have never ever met a more greedy and destructive people.

They are narcissistic and have a damaged self image. They tend to be drawn to vulgarity and excess, as well as being extremely self righteous.

It disturbs me a lot that some white northern europeans look favorably at iranians just because some pro-nazi statements made by the current iranian president. The people who do this probably never met many real life iranians.

I live in a predominantly nordoid country myself that has a large iranian immigration and the idea that iranians and nordics should be close relatives is prepostrous. No one in this country, not even the anti-racist left wingers, would ever see a relationship between iranids and nordics. They are as far apart as you can get on the europid racial tree.
The jews in Stockholm look a lot more nordic than any iranian I ever saw.

Those links you posted didn't work, but I assume it was pictures of iranians with caucasian influences, they are not related to germans, they never where and those "historical sources" that say otherwise was proven wrong long ago.
German 19th century archeologists in India, during the time of german national renessaince in the divided Germany of that time, made up a totally bull**** story about the "aryans".

If you read the Nazi racial biological despricptions of jews and take a look at the subhumans named x or y selling kebab on the streets of my home city, they are a perfect match physically for the nazi description of jews.

I would rather live in a favela in Rio, full of negros, than having to accept one single iranian as "neighbour" of mine or give any credit to their dirty culture.

Azeri Turk from "Bojnord Khorasan"

Posted by Azeri Turk: Bojnord
HAHA Oslo-whore! HAHA! There is a pan-turanist that i added to my msn. He claims im a turk cause i come from Bojnourd, im a "Bojnourdi-turk."

I can tell you that no where in Iran can you find purer aryans, The girls have 0 body hair, no one have the eye brow that stick together, half the poppulation are blond. I have never ever heard anyone speak turkish there, and im there 2 months a year.

Azeri Turks claim to be all other ethnicities except Azeri Turks. This guy claims he is from Bojnord, in Khorasan. I do not think he has ever been Bojnord. There are Non-Azeri Khorasani turks live in Bojnord.

Friday, November 03, 2006

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Hi Dude!! Good job, I really appreciate the things you are doing for us (Persians). Whoever sees me (a Persian + Kurd mixed) thinks I'm European. I have no Turkic blood. Iranians are mixed genetically - of course. However you can clearly see Germanic (Nordic) traits in them. Some are Slavic too.

I have LIVED in 23 countries so far... I can distinguish faces... In Kerman, Iran I saw some of the Germanic faces I told you.

I have some pictures for you if you want...

By the way there are so many redheads too..


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Who are Azeris? Posted by Iranian on August 16, 2006, 8:11 pm, in reply to "Re: tell us what is wrong? - Oslonor"

Azeri is a new name that Russians gave this nation they stole from us they are Arranis and yes they are Iranian from the Iranian tribes and they have nothing to do with Turks even though the language was forced on all of us just like Arabic majority of Iranians never changed. Kurds are Iranian speak an Indo-Iranian language.

Every region has a different look and looks has nothing to do with it, being Caucasian or Aryan has to do with bone structure, look at India big mixture with Dravidians that lived in India before Iranians but they all have the same bone structure and every where you read you will see they are Caucasian even though they mostly look 50 shades darker than Iranians.
What language Azeri speaks Turkish? Hell even the courts to this day and Turkish courts spoke Farsi, Azeri have no language other than Farsi and Turkish. You are very confused about Azeri language no Turks lived in this region until after the Arab conquest.

First of all no such thing as Azeri Turk. Now why would we have Azeri Turk in Afghanistan you are way off? Afghanistan and its people are of the original Ironic people that settled this area, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan all that you see that ends with “Istan” was part of Iran and its people they are all Caucasian or Aryan people.

Turks are a form of Mongol however because they lived north of the Mongol tribes for hundreds of years and battling the people lived in Russia they had tremendous mixing between them, that is why it was much easier for Arabs to accept the Turks as slaves rather than Mongols which everyone hated they were able to mix easier with the population but they still have some Mongol attributes and bone structure depending on the person and how much the family’s intermixed.
Kazaks are perfect example of the Turks that moved completely into Russia and lived amongst the Russians but still you could see the difference of the Mongol look, but again not enough of them and as a minority moving into territories taking wives changed their disgusting Mongoloid look. Mongols and Turks are of the same race but Mongols and Manchurians and Chinese had more intermixing, and Turks mixed more with Russians.

You really need to do some soul searching, Azeri have nothing to do with Turks, never did never will. They are of Caucasian back ground they are part of Iranian people always were and have been. How do you come up with this information that Azeri are Turks no Turks lived in this area from Cyrus the great until the Arab invasion.
Turkey and its people are not Turks minority of the people lived in Turkey are Turks and you see little or no Turks left in this nation, the population are Macedonians, Romans, Greeks and Persians and this is for thousands of years before Tartar sag arrival.

It is all about history, if history does not apply then what does.

You are a Turk that is all and just like alpo you will not accept the truth and Iran and all its people in the region are Iranian and you dont like it and trust me we will get the Azeri people to see whom they are and change this disgusting Turkish language with its true Farsi language, dont hate the player hate the game.

You are lost, find your way back.

Posted by Iranian on August 16, 2006, 8:11 pm, in reply to "Re: tell us what is wrong? - Oslonor"

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I hate to burst your racist/german wannabe bubble you Iranian/indo-aryan/slavic-asian. t
This is the truth you need to learn.
Germanic is the correct term over Nordic but both mean the same thing. Germanic or Nordic peoples are proto-scandanavian. Gots, Gotas, Saxons, Sueiones, all are the same people. They are all German and therefore proto-Scandinavian and not the other way around! All theses people are much more closely related to each other than any of them would be related to an Aryan Iranian. An ancient group of people who lived in Asia north of Afganistan and Pakistan divided into migritory groups in Paleolithic times. one group went north to the baltics and over into what is now Scandinavia and became the Germanic or proto-Scandinavians. One group went north and east to Manchuria and Siberia and eventually to North America. The other group went to Aryan India and to Aryan Persia. Yes an Aryan Persian is more related to a Norwigian than a Libyan but an Aryan Persian is definately not more closely related to a Norweigian than an Angle or a Saxon. All people of this world are beautiful and equal creations of God! Get off the racist obbsession with Nordics and stop denouncing your Jewish neigbors! I hope the Jews kick Hezbolah out of Palistine! If You Aryan Persian/ wannabe Nordics want war with the US than bring it on!!! By the way that photograph of the so called nordic tribal girl is a picture of a semetic girl or a slavic appearing girl. Most Russians are slavic and so if she looks like a Russian it is because she looks slavic. She is a beautiful girl and hopefully she won't be grow up to be an ignorant racist like you. Hopefully she will grow up to be a strong women who will liberate Iran from all the ignorant bastards who run that country!

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