Saturday, November 04, 2006

Azeri Turk from "Bojnord Khorasan"

Posted by Azeri Turk: Bojnord
HAHA Oslo-whore! HAHA! There is a pan-turanist that i added to my msn. He claims im a turk cause i come from Bojnourd, im a "Bojnourdi-turk."

I can tell you that no where in Iran can you find purer aryans, The girls have 0 body hair, no one have the eye brow that stick together, half the poppulation are blond. I have never ever heard anyone speak turkish there, and im there 2 months a year.

Azeri Turks claim to be all other ethnicities except Azeri Turks. This guy claims he is from Bojnord, in Khorasan. I do not think he has ever been Bojnord. There are Non-Azeri Khorasani turks live in Bojnord.