Saturday, November 04, 2006

Swedish Views on Azeri Turk "Aryans"

No matter how indo-european their language are, their culture and their genetics are not. They can call themselves "aryans" or whatever, but to be honest I have never ever met a more greedy and destructive people.

They are narcissistic and have a damaged self image. They tend to be drawn to vulgarity and excess, as well as being extremely self righteous.

It disturbs me a lot that some white northern europeans look favorably at iranians just because some pro-nazi statements made by the current iranian president. The people who do this probably never met many real life iranians.

I live in a predominantly nordoid country myself that has a large iranian immigration and the idea that iranians and nordics should be close relatives is prepostrous. No one in this country, not even the anti-racist left wingers, would ever see a relationship between iranids and nordics. They are as far apart as you can get on the europid racial tree.
The jews in Stockholm look a lot more nordic than any iranian I ever saw.

Those links you posted didn't work, but I assume it was pictures of iranians with caucasian influences, they are not related to germans, they never where and those "historical sources" that say otherwise was proven wrong long ago.
German 19th century archeologists in India, during the time of german national renessaince in the divided Germany of that time, made up a totally bull**** story about the "aryans".

If you read the Nazi racial biological despricptions of jews and take a look at the subhumans named x or y selling kebab on the streets of my home city, they are a perfect match physically for the nazi description of jews.

I would rather live in a favela in Rio, full of negros, than having to accept one single iranian as "neighbour" of mine or give any credit to their dirty culture.