Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Ideology of an Azeri Turk "Aryan"
I have copied this from another forum where an Azeri Turk discusses his ideology:

Posted by Azeri Turk:
Here i have alot of questions and you must answer to all of them

please answer carefully:

1 - What is ethnic cleanse?
2 - How can i cleanse my blood?
1 - Why i must cleanse my blood?
2 - Is brown eyes and hairs a non-white influence that mixed with my blood?
3 - It is true that pure Aryan must have blue eyes and blond hairs?
If yes then, what i must to do for having taller grandchildren with blue eyes
and blond hairs?
please read and answer carefully. these questions is very important for me. they annoyanced my mind for about 10 years

my father was 170cc and my mother is 157cc. but i'm 184 and my bro is 190 (he is 3 years younger than me! but he is taller than me. i think because he is goal keeper) this shows we have genetical potential to having BIG Aryan sons.

my momma said that she is short cause malnutrition in adolescence.
but hopefully malnutrition can't change genes. and we are taller than those ****ing semi caucasians in Iran who call themselves Persian

1- who said i have semite mixture? i just asked that dark eyes and hairs is a non-white talent and you said NO!!! so i haven't semite talent.

who said i want marry with that German girl? i only asked a question about her. i haven,t a chat with her yet. if she become online i would ask her net2net (looooool-about Christ's Sake). i haven't good financial situation for immigration to germany or overhand. so i must marry an Iranian case.

i founded a good Iranian Nordic case with dark blonde hair and aqua eyes. but she is a fool. she is from a rich family. she would never marry with me until i found a good job with a high income.

But if you want children like that, marry a blonde woman, and pray to... a higher force, your children will be like her.

ok. i will go to Iranic plains for hunting a Nordic Nomad girl with that characteristic (I'm sure her bros will beat me for greeting )
because all Nordic types in Tehran occupied by rich mullah's sons