Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hello dear Osloner!

I have managed to read your article about Aryans. It is quite interesting. I am doing research myself. Although there is much I can tell u about and discuss over time. I am trying to find out what percentage of each ethnic category I carry in my blood. Although I am from Iran,My mother's side of family have red/blonde hair and my dad's side are from north east of Iran close to Afghanistan and look more Parthian. What is a good way to know from my facial features how much Aryan I might be? Also I was curious about your conception of fake Persian. You have placed some photos online One of the photos is the mosaic of issues. Although by all accounts, the experts believe that the mosaic is a faithful copy of a 3rd century BC painting. The faces probably are authentic I have seen many phenotypes in Iran matching the faces in the mosaic. Probably the original Persians had already mixed with the local population of Iran after migration. some of the soldiers have Caucasian features, so probably one of their ancestors was Aryan or so. Or well maybe that the original Persians did look like the ones in the painting and never truly had light hair. One of my professors from Norway mentioned to me that blond hair originated from north of Europe. All these ideas are confusing. Also I am concerned many of people who we might think are Aryans might be descendents of british or Russian soldiers during occupation of Iran. The reconstruction of Xerxes face shows he looks just like Iranians today. Although there is strong conflicting report among Iranians that original Achamanid dynasty did have Nordic features. Please let me know your opinion about these thoughts so I can improve upon this. By the way I live in Los Angeles too.

Great coincidence that all historical figures look like Azeri Turks of today. I am not sure who is producing these "historical documents"????!!!! Of course Azeri Turks are called "Iranians".