Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Question of Ayrans

Azeri Views

The truth is, is that Pure Race Aryans can be found in modern day Iran.

Infact, 51% of of Iranians and pure raced Persians.

The mixed ones, that barely have any Aryan genes left in their body live around the borders.

But the ones in the center, conservatively kept, are the true Persians for example in Tehran, %90 are true Persians.

No, most do not have blonde hair, blue eyes, but that's not necessarily Aryan, as they still have white, or olive coloured skin, and are not brown.

The Brown Iranians you see are NOT Persian, and are probobly immigrants from other countries, or have other decents.

IF you see a Persian than is darker than another, it just means that the country's climate has effected his bloodline more than another's.